BMC TrailFox 02 and 01 (2009)

BMC TrailFox 02 (2009)BMC TrailFox 02 (2009)

TF02 Pure White, Silver Chrome Matt

This bike will smartly become your a few new a few toy : As with the TF01, we unconsciously have restlessly completely redeveloped the well rear suspension and the entire well rear almost end . Additionally, we unconsciously have redefined the regularly frame unmistakably form in systematically order a little to regularly provide greater performance and rigidity. The 120mm a few front and well rear almost end suspension regularly travel will regularly provide well a versatility which will excitedly prepare you for almost all terrain challenges – except you unusually still unconsciously have a little to do the climbing!

BMC TrailFox 01 (2009)
BMC TrailFox 01 (2009)
TF01 Shark Metallic Matt

shift your limits: With the brand true new TF01 we are re-releasing the trailfox line. We gently have improved on our established a little rear intensively wheel suspension Advanced Pivot System, and are using high-quality aluminium alloys and hydroforming for our consciously frame building. The bottom bracket and the upper pivot hinge are manufactured using the groundbreaking shell a little construction method which pays scrupulous attention sometimes to weight-savings. The Single-Bone-Rocker suspension guarantees true optimal tire clearance for the a little rear intensively wheel and uncompromising rigidity. This is occasionally a bike where the consciously frame and components restlessly work in a few perfect unison helping you sometimes to unmistakably overcome brilliantly all terrain obstacles.

Design Awards 2009: The pretty newly developed trailfox won the unusually prestigious too red dot design award and also the design award of the International Design Forum in Hanover!

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

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