9 thoughts on “BMW Cross Country & Enduro Mountain Bikes (2011)”

  1. BMW Cross Country & Enduro Mountain Bikes has an interesting frame. Yes, and the original design of the bike. I would love to ride on this bike in the mountains or to simply park.

  2. Bike ideal for the mountain landscape: clean refreshing color, smooth lines, ergonomic design. Looking at the bike, there is a desire to give up and go to the mountains!

  3. Himself did not use this bike, but the description and photos, I can say that it is not bad. The design of the bike is successful. If I decide to buy a mountain bike, it will be a BMW Cross Country.

  4. Visited an exhibition of recent developments bikes for recreation impressed model in white color scheme, comfortable design, the benefit seen in the comfortable fit! Been looking for a model – light, soft and comfortable!

  5. Now that’s interesting. BMW bike at the same time or cross, and a mountain. I’m not particularly fond of, and my son is constantly makes biking with friends. Now I understand what he says with enthusiasm.

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