BMW M Bike (2010)

BMW M BikeBeautiful bike from the German automobile giant BMW. Many are familiar with high capacity and high speed models of the company, which differ from other models Redesignate letter M. That this style and created a wonderful mountain bike. New mountain bike BMW has, brand proportions of smooth, durable aluminum frame, which is worthy of bears, an emblem of BMW. The package bundle includes disc brakes, sports suspension and fine shifting system – Shimano SLX Gear. Bike weighs about 12 kg. In the sales will go to the middle of the summer of 2010.

BMW M Bike (2010)

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

16 thoughts on “BMW M Bike (2010)”

  1. Its all nice and everything, but where the hell can u get one??? i cant find it anywhere to order.anyone?

  2. This actually is nothing more extraordinary in this – and Porsche, and BMW, and many other well-known automobile manufacturers produce premium bicycles under its own brand, and for the French Peugeot bikes in the old days were the main type of production.

  3. The reason for pride in the Bavarian engineers in short supply and in the automotive field. Therefore, this mountain bike from BMW regarding access, simple, and rather a nice accessory than a high-tech product.

  4. I currently have four of these bikes in stock right now………please call me at 8153176464. I work at a BMW store in IL.

  5. Hi Mark
    My friend I am Inquering some information on your BMW Mountain Bike can you please send me photos of the actual BMW Mountain Bike you have for sale and please also if you dont mind send me the price please.

    -Rick M.

  6. Where and how coud I purchase the BMW M bike 2010 in Melbourne australia.
    It there a 2012 or 2013 model?

  7. Like the others, I would like to know the price, and who sells them, preferably in the UK.

    Thanks, anyone.

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