Concept Bike by Robert Rae (innovation suspension system)

The best suspension system ever bikes. New design for MTB!
Concept Bike by Robert Rae (innovation suspension system)
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Advantages include:
– 10% lighter bicycle design
– reduced pitching motion in the frame
– superior front suspension action
– rising rate front suspension
– superior rear suspension action
– reduced impact on heavy landings
– more fluid suspension action
– reduced spring resonance
– less loss of energy when peddling
– increased feel through handlebars
– shorter braking distances
– safer braking
– lighter steering
– mass centralization
– lower centre of gravity
– self-levelling effect in all conditions.


The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

Please leave your comments, why do you like this bike?

2 thoughts on “Concept Bike by Robert Rae (innovation suspension system)”

  1. Interesting model, but after watching the video gives the impression that it was too weak frame and suspension, I think the mountains in such a bike is not fun to ride. In general, I repeat, suspension is not exactly

  2. I think a video showing someone actually riding something that needs suspension would help. I mean would you actully take a 6 foot drop on that? Im guessing not.

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