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  1. Hello! I was wondering if you are able to send bicyles direct to me and to my clients as well? what is the price for the bikes if you have wholesaler price? I want to buy a lot from you. where are you situated? thank you so much for your reply. best regards Alex

  2. there is a brand that you forget on your list Vision Bike there is not a lot of info about this brand on the net i just get one and i want to know more about the brand, i will appreciate if you can make some research on the topic.

    best regards.

  3. Hello,
    We are one of the bike sales entrepreneurs in Indonesia.
    We are interested in the product model of your bike.
    there you have a distributor in southeast asia or asia?.
    How can I get information for how to buy and its price.

    Best Regards

  4. You dont have a Breezer represented, they have a new 2010 Mountain bikes, 3.5 pound framed aluminum and 3.6 pound frame chromoly steel mountain bikes with hydro-formed custom tubing.

  5. hello,

    I’m interesting to buy a mountain bike able to back a person with 150 kilo weigh and 185 cm tall.
    do you have something like this?
    I’m looking forward to your answer.
    thank you,

  6. hi
    i would like to buy a bycycle. i have seen some on this site. would like to know the prices of BMW M BIKE, AUDI and SANTACRUZ NOMAD CARBON. can u directly send it to me. i am situated in MUMBAI, INDIA.


    I would like to obtain information and prices of bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories.

    Why work with bicycles and accessories, nearly 30 years in Great downtown Rio de Janeiro – Brazil.
    As can be seen on my site:

    And I have great customers who enjoy imported goods and I only ask that providers need to try to better serve my client, because as Mr. must know the client must always be well served.

    Thank you for your attention

    I await his contact

    Carlos Silva

  8. dear all
    you have a great site here. I like to introdue you to my husband, founder and bike designer just won the gold medal in design and architecture 2010 for his outstanding design the bike model named: DER PAPALAGI. the jury is the swiss magazine of architecture HOCHPARTERRE together with the national TV station SFDRS.
    they awarded Butch Gaudy for his lives work including mountainbikes (1981). his lates creation is the JALOPY model with big wheels and belt drive (2009).
    sincerely yours, sabine krippendorf

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