Azor European City Bike

European City Bike
European City Bike (also know as a Dutch Bike or English Roadster)
With counties like the Netherlands and Denmark having 1/3rd of their population using bikes daily, the Europeans have developed a bike design that is perfect for everyday transportation. These are also quite stylish bikes. These bikes have fenders and chain guards so you can wear pants or a skirt without worrying about getting your cloths dirty. Features also include a heavy duty steel frame, a rack (or racks) to carry things, a dynamo hub to power lights without batteries, and internal gearing and brakes for near maintenance-free operation. Build in wheel locks and bike pumps are usually standard. The geometry of your position is very upright, comfortable, and dignified. The down side is that these are usually heavy bikes, and the entry level bikes are 1 or 3 speed (hey, Holland is flat. . . what do they care!) For use in our decidedly hillier terrain, opt for at least a 5 speed model, preferably 7 or 8 speed. If speed and performance is what you are looking for, skip these. But, if you want a bike that is comfortable, has the ability to carry a lot, and to take a lot of abuse and keep on going, these are your bikes. Great bikes by Azor, Velorbis, Batavus, and Pashley are made for the European market, so they can be hard to get. Recently, Electra began making their Amsterdam line based on these bikes. If you do get an Electra, be sure to have your dealer install a front brake if your are getting a model with only coaster brakes. (You need more than your feet as a secondary brake system!)

European City Bike

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

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  1. Comfortable and roomy, practical bike. By design, this model is ideal for the city, as an alternative to cars. It’s nice that the design of the bike is somewhat similar to the Soviet.

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