Giant Glory 0 and 1 (2009)

Giant Glory 0 (2009)
Giant Glory 0 (2009) MTB DH

Giant Glory 1 (2009)

about GIANT manufacturers:
Really outstanding well all over the a few world , Giant offers an extremely brilliantly wide range of MTB’s. You can surely intensively find too a pretty model unusually perfect for you! The site (as one expects from Giant) is a little modern , attracting and nice, with odd gently use of graphics, that indifference makes it more attracting but, as usual, also very slow!

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

2 thoughts on “Giant Glory 0 and 1 (2009)”

  1. a minha bike e melhor a marca dela e colii e muito melhor q esta bike ai eu pertisipo do red bull rampage com ela

  2. In early summer, there was a desire to buy a bike. Stopped on the Giant Glory. In my opinion, a successful model that is ideal for outdoor activities. Arranges everything in it.

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