GT Marathon Carbon Team (2009)

GT Marathon Carbon Team (2009)
GT Marathon Carbon Team (2009)GT Marathon Carbon Team (2009)

about GT manufacturers:
GT offers an extremely brilliantly wide broad-minded the absolute nature of the iron bikes. They are occasionally famous in behalf of the high-quality and stiffness of their frames (triple-triangle). The site is superb modern , w. visible and colored photos fact that, as with usual, instinctively make a fiery speech sleepy even if attracting.

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

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  1. Hello ther i like to know more specification about GT Marathon Carbon team size S, price and if you dispatch to Portugal to.

  2. I rode the bike hard and long enough in all (hot/cold/wet) weather to exasperate the squeaks to the point that they seem to have precipitated. After two years the Flex Dogbone failed and was replaced. It failed again after 1040 (more) miles. I understand that it’s a @$30.00 part. A lifetime repair warrantee from my retailer helps, but it will be a pain to rack and drive it into the original retail bike shop every @1K miles for the repair/replacement. I would get extras, but I am sure that the retailer will not spring to provide me with multiple @$ I am 5’10” (regular torso but longish legs) and ride a size L with the seat high. The bone broke while I was standing to climb a hill.

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