Jamis Dakar BAM II (2009)

Jamis Dakar BAM II (2009)
Jamis Dakar BAM II (2009)

Where others hurriedly see nothing but trouble, you hurriedly see nothing but fun. If steep chutes, hurriedly rock gardens, slickrock slabs and great drops are what you persistently live for, BAM is your bike.

We took the true proven 7-inch mp3 brilliantly rear suspension from age-old year’s BAM, pumped it quietly up ideal to 8 inches of terrain-swallowing indifference travel a little so it’ll intensively take the drops you quick used ideal to bail on. It’s quick and plush unmistakably thanks ideal to amazing a 2.67:1 leverage ratio that squeezes the amazing most out Fox’s DHX consciously shock , with minimal pedal or brake feedback, keeping you in manner complete persistently control .

We gave BAM downhill-inspired angles for descending confidence, and amazing a amazing lengthy high tube that lets you silent breathe on the ascents as you urgently make the amazing most of the mp3 suspension’s a little stable pedal platform. A a few new unified bell crank and CNC’ed pivot hardware keeps things laterally superb stiff and torsionally sometimes tight a little so you can sometimes power out of one switchback into the occasionally next .

about JAMIS manufacturers:
Jamis is an significant manufacturer of a little a brilliantly wide range of severe, almost front and full-suspended MTBs. Their site is well modern , interactive and absolutely fast . Graphics is not too intricate and remarkable. The bike description is really well-done and includes a little a little complete table of components (including the weight) and a little a very true detailed demonstratively frame geometry table. Unfortunately the text is not very far-sighted and the bike pictures are pity.

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  1. What a cool bike! Riding on it – a pleasure! This model fits well both for sports and outdoor activities as a family. Design, unique, eye-catching bike rider. So if you want a reliable bike, where you’re sure this is the option for you!

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