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  1. Bonkers bike!
    So fast it is scary – Don’t take it out in windy weather or you will end up in the hedge 🙂

  2. Hallo, i am Robin from Austria and i am very interested about your Lotus Bike.
    How much do you want for the Lotus Type 110?
    PS: Sorry about my english

  3. Hi 110 owners i am trying to find out who has Lotus 110 bikes and their history to put together a record of where all the bikes are these days.If you have a 110 would you please mail me at lsport110club@gmx.com
    regards Tony

  4. Tony :Hi 110 owners i am trying to find out who has Lotus 110 bikes and their history to put together a record of where all the bikes are these days.If you have a 110 or know anybody that has one would you please mail me at lsport110club@gmx.comregards Tony

  5. i have a lotus 110 with mavic 3g trispokes and ride it nearly each day as ahighway track machine.

  6. I have a Lotus 110 frame and forks for sale with both road and track dropouts and a spare set of brand new forks. The frame is located in Sydney Australia.

  7. Hello. I am after a Lortus 110 bike. Does anyone have one for sale or know where I ncould find one?

  8. This bike is in The Netherlands, fixed price for the bike is about € 3.350. The bike is for small people (1,69m) If you are interested let met know.
    rmooiman @ telfort . nl

  9. Hi All!

    I’d be very interested to know if anybody has one for sale (even only the frame)? Would need to fit medium sized male (1.85cm). Thanks a lot! Cheers D.

  10. I’m a collector looking for a Lotus 110 frame or complete bike. Sized to suit 1.85+m height rider. Please email me michael.b.james @ me . com

  11. I’ve got a Lotus 110. It has an AC crankset.

    It’s been used as a track bike, looks like it’s never had brakes or derailleurs. I got a Campy Shamal tubular wheelset with it.
    About a medium size, I’m not sure how these bikes are measured.

    It’s in good shape.

    I’m interested in finding out more about this model.

    I’m in Arizona.

  12. I have a Lotus 110 that hasn’t been ridden. The seat post has never been cut down so it can still be sized for a tall rider (or put in a museum). To be clear, it has been drilled for the seat clamp near the top but that shouldn’t matter. I put campy carbon on it about 12 years ago. I would consider a serious offer from a collector. I’m not sure how many of these things are actually in truly mint condition but i’ll bet they’re few and far between. And BTW, I also have two halves of the prototypes from Lotus along with an original blueprint and a booklet detailing how the carbon was laid up. kinda cool.

  13. hi there,I’m looking for a Lotus sport 110 or a Lotus sport 110 frame, if any of u guys got one, please make me an offer. Email rogerz1985 @ hotmail . com

  14. Lotus Sport 110 time trial Bike attracted me with his original design. This bike is designed in a beautiful color, which highlights all the advantages of the bike and small inserts yellow colors make it stylish

  15. Looking for Lotus 110 time trial to add to my collection of TT bikes..Zipp 2000, Hotta, Pinarrello funny bike, Cinelli cinetica. Living in Australia, anyone who has a bike in good condition, please contact

  16. for sale a lotus 110 time trial (The Netherlands). body length = 1,69m
    Dura Ace – Mavic Cosmic carbon

  17. I have a NOS Lotus 110, with Dura Ace and Mavic Comete. I am considering selling, any idea of what current value is? I’ve heard number from $5k-$15K!

  18. Is that Bike still available?looking for a lotus 110, prefer a small frame, Medium will be Fine aswell.
    Looking also for used Frames in Bad conditions,

    I am thankful for any tips,

  19. @EIJIN
    Do you still have the 110 and 108? Can you also send pictures to fazze2011 AT gmail DOT com and mention the price range you have in mind please.


  20. I am interested Ito buy a Lotus Sport 110 Dura Ace in mint condition with or without wheels suited for a 6 foot (184 cm).

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