Azor European City Bike

European City Bike
European City Bike (also know as a Dutch Bike or English Roadster)
With counties like the Netherlands and Denmark having 1/3rd of their population using bikes daily, the Europeans have developed a bike design that is perfect for everyday transportation. These are also quite stylish bikes. These bikes have fenders and chain guards so you can wear pants or a skirt without worrying about getting your cloths dirty. Continue reading “Azor European City Bike”

Mercedes-Benz Trailblazer Bike (2008)

Mercedes-Benz Trailblazer Bike 2008
New top model for the Mercedes-Benz 2008 Bike Collection: The trailblazer bike
official press release:
Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH is adding a new mountain bike to its exclusive Bike Collection. The all-mountain machine with its high-quality components and elegant design is perfect for serious off-road riding. The impressive features of this high-end cycle include a sophisticated four-link rear suspension that ensures outstanding riding comfort and excellent traction on difficult terrain. The bike is available in a Sport Edition and a Comfort Edition, with a number of parts specially adapted to the different physiques of men and women. Continue reading “Mercedes-Benz Trailblazer Bike (2008)”