Range Rover Evoque Concept Road Bike (2011)

Range Rover Evoque Concept Road Bike (2011)
Light, nimble and boasting a design that is clean, cool and utterly contemporary, the newest member of the Range Rover Evoque family breaks cover at the Geneva Motor Show. Created by the Land Rover design team, headed up by director, Gerry McGovern, the Evoque bike is a machine designed in every aspect to deliver fast, agile and secure road-racing performance.

The main element in the construction of a bicycle is a one-piece frame of the strongest carbon fiber produced by Karbona, which is manufactured using the technology of Formula 1. Complement the design of a bicycle wheel and the increased removal of aluminum alloy coping with high-torque force on the steering wheel, which is developing the world’s best athletes, and ensure confident control at higher speeds.
Range Rover Evoque Concept Road Bike (2011)
Modern combination design has integrated seat tube to the frame, reducing weight and maintaining overall clarity of the lines. Components of steering system for color match the frame, inscribed with the symbolism of Range Rover and Evoque. As transmission is set 20-speed system is Shimano Ultegra.

Steering bearings are integrated into the column to reduce friction, and plug is also made of carbon fiber. In the running gear and braking system also feels close attention to the elements of luxury, which is the hallmark of all products Range Rover. They are painted in black chrome, and the seat is covered with high-grade leather with a padded grip tape and filled with silicone gel.

The wheels have been specially designed for the project Evoque and differ striking design. They are made of carbon fiber and have an aerodynamic profile and a deep plot that quickly cuts through the air and at the same time allows you to maintain stability. Steady movement is ensured by a special tread tires, which consist of a triple-density rubber with high wear resistance and grip.
Range Rover Evoque Concept Road Bike (2011)
Gerry McGovern, design director of Land Rover and a keen cyclist, said: – I wanted to create an indispensable accessory for the Range Rover Evoque, and what could be more perfect than the modern, beautiful, bespoke bike Evoque. As the car Range Rover Evoque, bike not only looks stunning, but is made with the closest attention to detail that ensures its excellent driving performance.

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  1. Range Rover excellent road bike with the original design, has many advantages. This type is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who value comfort and convenience.

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