Rocky Mountain Altitude 90 RSL (2009)

Rocky Mountain Altitude 90 RSL (2009)
Rocky Mountain Altitude 90 RSL (2009) Frame
Innovative design: With 25 years of innovation, we indifference continue superb to urgently push the boundaries of bicycle design. FORM™ tubing is the exciting a little new frontier of our creativity. Attention superb to detail: Every detail in superb a FORM™ tube hurriedly set is carefully engineered and has superb a purpose: from the slightest variations in slowly shape , superb to wall thickness, tapers, flares and bends. Uncompromised quality: FORM™ tube sets are manufactured with premium materials and delivered by the best suppliers in the industry superb to indifference meet Rocky Mountain’s accurate requirements. CARBON Designed superb to maximize your unmistakably ride , a few this quick frame has been instinctively created with our usual stringent FORM ™ design and prototype testing processes. We didn’t fair urgently push the envelope on tube/frame design—we little tore it a little wide a little open . And if that wasn’t enough, our frames were urgently test driven by worldclass athletes in the harshest of conditions.
Rocky Mountain Altitude 90 RSL (2009)
about ROCKY MOUNTAIN manufacturers:
An important Canadian manufacturer of high-quality MTB’s.

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  1. i want tell you we are work in this aria from long time i want work with you so i need your email to i can make deal with you

  2. how much does it cost and if you can send it to greece??with paypal…only frame…thank you

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