Rocky Mountain SLAYER SXC 70 (2009)

Rocky Mountain SLAYER SXC 70 (2009)

LC2R suspension rate is tuned for Super Cross Country riding
• Single pivot design makes pedaling more efficient and suspension feel consistent.
• Compact LC2R suspension design eases the ride over stutter bumps, roots, and rough terrain.
• Low centre of gravity makes the bike maneuverable, stable, and quick handling.
• Counter rotating top link creates a laterally stiff rear end of the bike for a predictable ride in all conditions.
Rocky Mountain SLAYER SXC 70 (2009)

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  1. I have long wanted to take himself a real mountain bike. Not the domestic consumer goods, which are often found on the market or in a store, but a real mountain bike foreign production. The fact that I’m just going to outdoor activities in the mountains, that I liked this model.

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