5 thoughts on “Scott Spark 900 RC Bike (2013)”

  1. The original design of the bike caused the desire to buy it for recreation. Comfortable fit to overcome long distances at high speed. We often travel by bicycle on cities, buying content.

  2. Opted for this bike! Comfortable fit, the back does not get tired during prolonged cycling. The original design. Gears are shifted smoothly and effortlessly.
    A good choice for outdoor activities.

  3. At first glance, it is believed that a good bike, but not for the mountains. I just repeat a trip to the mountains too weak frame and handlebars. Not quite comfortable.

  4. I greatly liked the bike “Scott Spark 900 RC Bike”.
    All its parameters, as well as the appearance of leading to acquire it.
    I hope I can please yourself a purchase in the near future … Well, or maybe next year …

  5. Here’s how to look at such a handsome man and have no desire to purchase it? Excellent design and shape. Line Race knows how to surprise and fascinate. The truth is harsh …

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