Ciclotte – concept bike by Luca Schieppati

Ciclotte - concept bike
Ciclotte is a fitness tool as well as being a furnishing complement, designed by Luca Schieppati, a young designer from Milan. The project is the evolution of a previous concept. Ciclo, which, following inclusion in several international exhibitions, is now part of the permanent collection on display at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. Continue reading “Ciclotte – concept bike by Luca Schieppati”

Speedster Bike by Andinobita

Speedster Bike by Andinobita
Speedster Bike
Small Concept Bike for Urban Living
With additional small rechargeable battery powered engine on the rear tire, make this bike comfortable in long distance biking in city. Battery will be automatically charged while rider paddle the bike.
Handlebar can be fully adjusted into 90 deg, this adjustment allowing rider to take different position, speeding position and normal riding position.
Speedster Bike by Andinobita