Demon Downhill Bike by Richard Malachowski

Demon Downhill Bike by Richard Malachowski. Concept for Cannonda
Aggressive, brash sports bike designed by a talented industrial designer Richard Malachowski. Downhill bike, conceived as a new conceptual model for the company Cannondale. The original carbon frame is securely reinforced titanium alloy that provides excellent structural strength and rigidity necessary for competition. The design is inspired by the legendary film frame Alien, sketches can be traced to the extraterrestrial trend of sharp and predatory forms.
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Honda RN01 DH (2007)

Honda RN01 Downhill bike (2007)
Innovative working out of the Japanese company Honda for sports races on bicycles, on cross-country terrain. The design has unusual both radical elements and technologies, are adopted with motorcycle cross models. Reliability and durability of frame is at the highest level. The design is bright and attractive, modern trend tech-style and abundance of composite materials won’t leave in meditation of the future owners of this perfect bicycle. Continue reading “Honda RN01 DH (2007)”

Norco Team DH (2010)

Norco Team DH (2010)
New model of bicycle for extreme sports, from the legendary Canadian manufacturer. The bicycle of 2010 differs the improved frame, system of suspension bracket with more reliable indicators and quality. Continue reading “Norco Team DH (2010)”