Whyte E-120 Super Bike (2009)

Whyte E-120 Super Bike (2009)
Let’s be honest. There are lots of lightweight carbon fibre trail bikes to choose from. That’s why Whyte made sure the Whyte E-120 is the only one you’d choose.

Set your saddle height via the uniquely comfortable, confidently secure broad lever seat clamp. Note how both seat slot and shock are completely protected from spray and debris. Relax into the proper width bars with full fat lock on grips not limp wrested featherweight foam. This is a proper, ultra practical bike.

Now take a deep breath. What happens next will be a shock.

With its exceptional inline stiffness, from monocoque headstock to unique, latched Big Gripper dropouts, the ultra-low weight chassis and suspension are tuned for immediate, unflinching power delivery. This bike doesn’t just accelerate, it slams you forward with a force that’s a vicious assault on the probable and plausible, turning over all your previous conceptions of personal speed as fast as it turns over gears. Once unleashed it won’t let go of that velocity either. It carves corners, cambers and random chaos with contemptuous accuracy. It swallows block hits and drops so seamlessly you’ll be on the power through all your previous braking points, and it’s GATSO fast on the real rippers.

That’s what the riders and reviewers told us last year anyway. So this year we re tuned fibre lay ups, modified the carbon ‘Quad’ links and used an even more refined parts pick.
Whyte E-120 Super Bike (2009)

about WHYTE manufacturers:
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2 thoughts on “Whyte E-120 Super Bike (2009)”

  1. What impresses this bike – it’s easy handling, good traction. However, very light weight on the wheel. Be used for active recreation.

  2. In my opinion it is a heavy bike too it looks bulky frame. Unless of course it is made of light alloy, it is only a plus, will be very strong. And what happened at my friend while driving through the mountains frame sinking

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