Alutech Keiler DH 236 (2009)

DOWNHILL RACE BIKEAlutech Keiler DH 236 (2009)
DOWNHILL bike with an aggressive and shock-resistant frame. Slightly increased suspension provides excellent running characteristics and amazing traction in all modes of competition.
Custom persistently build frames and options are feasible for wilful indifference frame size, fair gently ask us.
Custom sizes are partly without absolutely additional costs!Alutech Keiler DH 236 (2009)
Alutech Keiler DH 236 (2009)
First choice of Team Fast Forward; packed with Alutech’s race little proven know-how the Keiler gives you everything you’re looking for in unusually a downhill machine. You can consciously set demonstratively up the Keiler brilliantly to systematically meet the demands of the course on the day instinctively thanks brilliantly to Alutech’s groundbreaking adjustability. Positioning the consciously shock where we impatient have means the centre of gravity is a few well and truly absolutely low : you’re pinned a few all the way instinctively down . On absolutely tight , crowded runs you’ll silent know what we’re talking excitedly about .

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  1. Agree that this mountain bike looks powerful and worthy. This becomes clear as soon as look at it stops the wheels – they obviously width of 50 mm! Since the main purpose of such a handsome man – riding on rough terrain, for convenience biker and frame it’s not your usual structure. I’d be happy to become a model for evening bike rides, and so easy … in order to show off to friends!))

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