4 thoughts on “BMW Touring Bike (2011)”

  1. Great bike, strong and stylish at the same time. Such an approach both for leisure and for a casual walk. But most of all liked the design. Color for the trim selected beautiful!

  2. This bike is slightly reminded me of my grandfather’s bike. Designed in an easy retro style, perfect for a leisurely stroll with nostalgic memories of the past!

  3. At BMW Touring bike ride first season. So far no complaints on the work. The design is stylish. Suit and the guy and the girl. Acquired for recreation. convenient

  4. Wonderful bike – whatever you say, and BMW, as well as all Germans know how to do quality things. Otezdil on this past season, absolutely no complaints. And the most important difference between this model – as opposed to mountain biking as it is, not as a plane.

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