Mini Folding Bike (2011)

Mini Folding Bike (2011)
Munich. MINI presents the eco-friendly solution to the parking space problem in city centres. The brand is celebrating the comeback of the folding bike with a modern version of the practical means of locomotion. The special gimmick: when folded, the MINI Folding Bike fits into the boot of almost every vehicle – and most definitely into the MINI. When travelling into the city, simply park the car outside the overcrowded city centre, then continue on the bike and relax. Park & Ride with an environmentally conscious understatement! Continue reading “Mini Folding Bike (2011)”

BMW M Bike (2010)

BMW M BikeBeautiful bike from the German automobile giant BMW. Many are familiar with high capacity and high speed models of the company, which differ from other models Redesignate letter M. That this style and created a wonderful mountain bike. New mountain bike BMW has, brand proportions of smooth, durable aluminum frame, which is worthy of bears, an emblem of BMW. The package bundle includes disc brakes, sports suspension and fine shifting system – Shimano SLX Gear. Bike weighs about 12 kg. In the sales will go to the middle of the summer of 2010. Continue reading “BMW M Bike (2010)”


BMW BIKE – high quality design & technik

 BMW BIKE - high quality design & technik
BMW BIKE – leader bicycle world for the mountain bike enthusiast
 BMW BIKE - leader bicycle world for the mountain bike enthusiast

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Sports bike racing is a dream come true for most speed demons And the idea of building sports bike for speed is an understatement. Find out about the latest trends in mountain bike technology!
FERRARI BIKE – best of the world Ferrari race bicycle
 FERRARI BIKE - best of the world Ferrari race bicycle
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 AUDI BIKE - Auto Union bicycles, aluminium chest
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In general there are three basic bike trends these days: electronic-hybrid bicycles, folding bikes and bikes with hydraulic brake systems
Mountain bikes can be classified into four categories based on suspension:

Fully rigid: A frame with a rigid fork and fixed rear, no suspension.
Hardtail: A frame with a front suspension fork and no rear suspension.
Soft tail: A frame with small amount of rear suspension, activated by flex of the frame instead of pivots.
Dual or full suspension: A front suspension fork and rear suspension with a rear shock and linkage that allow the rear wheel to move on pivots.