Demon Downhill Bike by Richard Malachowski

Demon Downhill Bike by Richard Malachowski. Concept for Cannonda
Aggressive, brash sports bike designed by a talented industrial designer Richard Malachowski. Downhill bike, conceived as a new conceptual model for the company Cannondale. The original carbon frame is securely reinforced titanium alloy that provides excellent structural strength and rigidity necessary for competition. The design is inspired by the legendary film frame Alien, sketches can be traced to the extraterrestrial trend of sharp and predatory forms.
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“Sin City” urban bike design by Richard Malachowski

Sin City, urban bike design by Richard Malachowski
Interesting design concept of urban bicycle Spanish designer Richard Malachowski. The model has an elegant shape, frame is up to its grandiose name and pleases his sexy curves. Indeed, the name of the bike as Sin City, requires a passionate catchy design and unique style of driving on flooded streets of neon alluring city.
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Electric Bike concept by Yuji Fujimara

Electric bike concept by Yuji Fujimara
An unusual and highly original electric bike EBIO, the development of a talented industrial designer Yuji Fujimara. The appearance of the concept, reminds all parties to licked electronic gadget in the style of Apple. Mechanics of a bicycle requires a motor running on lithium-ion battery. Continue reading “Electric Bike concept by Yuji Fujimara”

Speedster Bike by Andinobita

Speedster Bike by Andinobita
Speedster Bike
Small Concept Bike for Urban Living
With additional small rechargeable battery powered engine on the rear tire, make this bike comfortable in long distance biking in city. Battery will be automatically charged while rider paddle the bike.
Handlebar can be fully adjusted into 90 deg, this adjustment allowing rider to take different position, speeding position and normal riding position.
Speedster Bike by Andinobita