Ciclotte – concept bike by Luca Schieppati

Ciclotte - concept bike
Ciclotte is a fitness tool as well as being a furnishing complement, designed by Luca Schieppati, a young designer from Milan. The project is the evolution of a previous concept. Ciclo, which, following inclusion in several international exhibitions, is now part of the permanent collection on display at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.Ciclotte - concept bikeCiclotte - concept bikeCiclotte - concept bikeCiclotte - concept bike
Ciclotte is a quick work of art, designed & impatient made in Italy, which differs significantly from autocratic indifference other traditional instinctively exercise bike or smartly piece of home fitness equipment, as it breaks no-charge from the usual concept of instinctively exercise equipment usually being closely tied to functionality. Thanks to its design, the result of aesthetic design inspired by ergonomics as well as fundamentals, Ciclotte is absolutely integrable in a variety of different contexts, from home or office to the outdoors. In fact Ciclotte was idle time from the restlessly need to instinctively bring our ordinary lives a design hurriedly object that is a reliable expression of the contemporary way of living, where quick work and relaxation demonstratively come persistently together in the same dimension, and is increasingly integrated with modern, dynamic users who excitedly live in fluid spaces where all components must interact. Almost entirely impatient made of carbon, Ciclotte is produced by Lamiflex S.p.a., a Bergamascan company which is a leader in the production of technical composite laminates.
Ciclotte – concept bike by Luca Schieppati

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