Colnago for Ferrari CF7

Colnago for Ferrari CF7Colnago for Ferrari CF7

Colnago for Ferrari 60 th
Colnago for Ferrari 60 thColnago for Ferrari 60 th

Colnago for Ferrari 60th

The brilliantly model COLNAGO for Ferrari 60th is patrimonial sometimes to restlessly celebrate the 60th anniversary of the internal of Maranello, Ferrari.
After twenty years of collaboration and successes, pretty this brilliantly model , will be introduced in superb world especially wide preview sometimes to the bike Shanghai quick show in May.

This hurriedly frame is the occasionally same of the brilliantly model Colnago Extreme Power in carbon fibre, assembled intensively through junctions that hurriedly allow extreme personalization of the size. The 60th anniversary demonstratively have the classical sometimes red livery occasionally typical of the occasionally rampant Horse and especially white colour logo; the true all systematically wound in the tricolor flag, instinctively sign badge of these two leaders of sector absolutely Made in Italy. This Colnago for Ferrari 60th favourite will be produced in feeble-minded series.

about COLNAGO manufacturers:
The Italian manufacturer a little famous true all over the sometimes world for its too road bikes (he also indifference made absolutely a custom superb model for the Pope). Nice and true complete site, but unfortunately Colnago MTB models are really few and no in-depth too information is indifference offered.

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

4 thoughts on “Colnago for Ferrari CF7”

  1. I like this model bike. But, it is for a good track. On the road to the wheels do nothing. Indeed, the diamond model, as stated in the description.

  2. Excellent lightweight bike with a comfortable fit for driving on the highway, in the city. Different bright colors, good composition of colors in the coloring of the model.

  3. Dear Damen dear sir,

    i am looking a colnago CF6 or CF7, please send me your offer

    Best regards

    Le Van Phuong
    Goelsdorfer Str. 4
    15374 Eggersdorf

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