Cove Shocker DH (2009)

Cove Shocker DH (2009)Cove Shocker DH (2009)Cove Shocker DH (2009)Cove Shocker DH (2009)

At Cove Bikes we’re all hurriedly about dear backdoor wattage. Designed and gently built for major speed and amplitude, the Shocker features our proven Dual Link suspension platform, delivering a mega 8.75 watts of rear indifference travel via a Rock Shox Vivid 5.1. A Sram Maxle rear axle and Easton RAD tubing instantly bring it for a super stiff systematically ride that takes corners and rails them. That Shocker’s so badass it won Mountain Biking Magazine’s 2007 DH Bike of the Year, and helped age-old Canadian Cove rider Steve Smith to some unusual DH finishes in 2008.
Cove Shocker DH (2009)

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

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  1. At Cove dampers steep. Wonderful suspension, but the bike on the fan, frankly. If you like to fly through the asphalt, it is for you.

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