Dahon Urban Utility Bike (all models)

Dahon Urban Utility Bike - all models

Dahon Ciao! P8
Dahon Ciao! P8
Dahon Ciao! P8Dahon Ciao! P8
Say “hello” to the friendliest folding bicycle around. The Ciao! features an ultra-low step-through frame design that makes it easy for anyone to get on and off the bike – new riders, those with limited mobility, or even those wearing a dress! The Ciao! includes a full complement of accessories: front and rear lights, a hub dynamo to power the front light, mudguards that keep dirt and water off of clothes, and a sturdy rack to carry stuff. Voted “Bike of the Year” in 2006 in the Netherlands

Dahon Glide P8
Dahon Glide P8Dahon Glide P8Dahon Glide P8
Smooth, effortless, graceful… that’s the dictionary definition of Glide, and it’s the perfect description of our favorite lo-step folder. Instead of jumping in the car for that trip to the local café for a baguette and a latte, grab a Glide and cruise the streets in style. The UpRide frame geometry puts your body in a relaxed upright position – like you are walking, just a lot faster. You’ve never ridden a smoother, more comfortable bike. And when it comes time to fold, you’ll really appreciate how fast and how small the Glide packs down.

Dahon Eco 3
Dahon Eco 3
Dahon Eco 3
Does your daily commute consist of riding part way by bike and the rest by train or bus? Then you’re probably very familiar with that mixed feeling of dread and hope that the next bus or train has room for your bike. With the fast and easy folding Eco 3, you’ll need to worry no more. The Eco 3 folds in seconds and can be taken on just about any mass transit system as long as it’s folded and covered. The Eco 3 may have an entry level price but it doesn’t skimp when it comes to Dahon’s legendary folding convenience.

Dahon Curve D3
Dahon Curve D3Dahon Curve D3
Customers rave about the styling and delightfully smooth handling of the Curve D3, one of Dahon’s most popular bikes. It’s the perfect bike for an easy commute or as secondary transportation stashed in a car. With its impressively small folded package it’s easy to take two for a weekend getaway. The Curve is available in three head-turning colors to match anyone’s style: fire red, blush pink, and cloud white.

Dahon Mµ™ Uno
Dahon Mµ™ UnoDahon Mµ™ UnoDahon Mµ™ Uno
In many cases, less really is more. That’s why we designed the Mμ Uno, a single-speed with no brakes to fuss with, no cables to adjust, and a backpedal brake that whispers to you to try a power slide. The inspiration? A visit to a dealer in the Netherlands who wished aloud, “Give us a bike that is durable enough to ride every day, no matter the weather, with a single gear suitable for fast riding (because the Netherlands is flat), and light enough to easily carry up and down the stairs in train stations easily.” Wish granted

Dahon Espresso
Dahon EspressoDahon Espresso
The Espresso is the bike for urban adventures: to the park on a sunny weekend; down the street for a lazy Sunday brunch; or to the market for some fresh penne, organic tomatoes, and a bottle of wine. The ergonomic saddle, BioLogic grips, and upright riding geometry make cruising around town fun and comfortable. We’ve even stashed a large volume pump inside the seatpost. The Espresso folds in seconds to stash away easily in a car trunk, your apartment, or on the bus.

Dahon Jack
Dahon JackDahon Jack
Be nimble… be quick… be Jack! The Jack is designed to go at any pace you choose and to roll over anything in its path. Forget leaving your urban machine in that communal bike garage and getting nicked and scratched; keep it inside and safe… with you. That’s how it should be, right? Jack is designed around a beefy 7005 aluminum frame and phat Schwalbe Big Apple tires. The Jack has seven nicely-spaced speeds to keep things simple, but that’s enough gears for most anything you’re likely to encounter in the city. What kind of bike is this? It’s a human powered urban machine, Jack.

Dahon Mariner D7
Dahon Mariner D7Dahon Mariner D7
Designed specifically for boaters, the Mariner D7 makes your on-shore adventures a lot more fun and convenient. It stashes easily into even the tiniest of boat holds. But when you arrive at a port of call it unfolds in seconds to help you explore or shop for supplies. The perfect accessory for your boat. *Note: While rust resistant, the Mariner is not rust proof. Proper maintenance is required to minimize corrosion.

Dahon Speed D7
Dahon Speed D7
The Speed combines sporty performance with terrific value. Year after year it remains our most popular bike because of this. The frame is hand-welded from custom-drawn 4130 chromoly Sonus tubing and incorporates six different patented technologies, resulting in what is probably our stiffest frame. The Speed D3 model even features the BioLogic™ PostPump, a seatpost that integrates a large volume floor pump – so you’ll never again need to worry about leaving your pump at home.

Dahon Vitesse D7HG
Dahon Vitesse D7HG
The Vitesse D7HG is for those who are looking for a great bike for urban commuting at a good value. We took our award-winning Vitesse D7, added an internal gear hub and tried and true components from top component suppliers. Then we topped it off with mudguards, a rack and even a trouser saving chainguard so you can ride in any weather. Available in 3-speed model for general use, and a 7-speed model for more demanding riders.

Dahon Urban Utility (folding bike) all models

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