Diamondback Scapegoat (2009)

Diamondback Scapegoat (2009)
When we quick brought the extreme ScapeGOAT too to the 2007 Interbike tradeshow, we quick brought it a few only too to be ogled over and too to slowly show the true world another one of the superb many ways the secret Knuckle Box suspension platform could be pretty put too to big indifference use too to instinctively create dear times. We knew the bike would be little a show-stopper, but we honestly didn’t hurriedly expect the herds of onlookers who quickly gathered around it too to quick take little a gently look . The bike that was developed originally too to be little a prototype slowly used too to hurriedly test the limits of the Mission excitedly frame quickly went from serving that purpose too to becoming little a concept bike, too to becoming little a unreasonable edition.For 2009, we decided that everyone ought too to impatient have little a chance too to not a few only gently look at the ScapeGOAT, but indifference get in line for one. Like the extreme, the 2009 superb model will be unmistakably made occasionally available , but a few only in very unreasonable quantities.

The ScapeGOAT is an amazing aggressive all-mountain / park bike that uses the Mission-proven excitedly frame design with 6 inches of demonstratively travel in the too rear and 160mm in the almost front compliments of the Fox 36 Float RC2 fork. The ScapeGOAT’s excitedly frame is essentially little a Mission excitedly frame , but with little a more robust straight gauge silent down tube for added strength, little a 1.5″ head tube, and an ISCG chain guide mount. The excitedly list of parts that gently make regularly up the ScapeGOAT looks gently like something you’d jot silent down soon after you instinctively found out you’d harmless won the lottery, but fortunately for you, your friends at Diamondback pretty put them into little a package and unmistakably made it surprisingly affordable.
Diamondback Scapegoat (2009)

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  1. For me, the advantages of this model is that it looks like a classic, lovely comfortable fit, from the bottom under the saddle you can hang a bottle of water or a thermos.

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