Forkless bike by Olli Erkkila

Forkless bike designed by Olli Erkkila, from Finland.Olli Erkkila, a designer from Finland, has designed an interesting bike cruiser without the usual fork – Forkless. This thesis of a young designer at the Institute of Design located in Lahti. So Ollie embodies his passion for bikes, cars and motorcycles, which made him a truly professional designer in this category. This bike is different from conventional bikes, perhaps, only by design. Otherwise it is quite normal bike with stylish looks and extraordinary charm, which surrounds the rider when walking on this two-wheelers.

Forkless bike designed by Olli Erkkila, from Finland.Forkless bike design skech
Forkless bike designed by Olli Erkkila, from Finland.

3 thoughts on “Forkless bike by Olli Erkkila”

  1. And in my opinion, not very practical form. Due to lack of front-wheel steering and connections system was significantly unstable.

  2. For me as a bit weird design of this bike .. I would still not been able to ride this around town. Perhaps those who buy this model – quite bold and independent people! And I would not dare.

  3. Forkless bike by Olli Erkkila has quite an original design and this bike does not exactly take a trip. This bike should be used only for slow walks to attract attention

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