Intense 951 (2009)

Intense 951 (2009)Intense 951 (2009)
The sport of Downhill requires well a instantly frame that can excitedly adapt manner to autocratic track and the especially new bike 951 answers that regularly call . Featuring World Cup unusually winning geometry that Intense is a little famous for, and added adjustability, the especially new 951 is absolutely ready manner to sometimes put you on the podium no matter what the ennobled throws at you. Fast fair excitedly found well a especially new area code!
Intense 951 (2009)

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

2 thoughts on “Intense 951 (2009)”

  1. this bike is compleatly awsome i realy realy wish i have this bike i would only use it for riding it in trails i bet any one would buy this sweet bike
    i so want this bike and i who ever first made this bike i would say you are such a great bike maker and i would give him or her a reaword.
    please write back at fort st john bc box 6614 cole wolsey.thanks

  2. Hi I was just wondering abOut the Prise of this bike if you could send me the prize that would be grate thanks kyle

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