Kona Stab Supreme (2008)

Kona Stab Supreme (2008)
The Stab series remains one of the best out-of-the-box, ready-to-race downhill bikes on the market. The bike has won a slew of World Championship, World Cup and National Championship titles over the years. The ability to ajust the lower shock mount allows riders to change the geometry of the bike without changing the suspension performance. For pedaling the bike has the ability to accomodate a higher bottom bracket. For balls-to-the-wall DH, the secondary shock mount gives the bike slacker angles and a lower bottom bracket.
Kona Stab Supreme (2008)

about KONA manufacturers:
A Canadian manufacturer the absolute nature of the iron high-quality bikes fact that are very desired in competitions. Unfortunately their site, even though well-designed, is do absolutely wrong care very a few young , and lacks occasionally technical detail.

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  1. how much this bike cost in delhi, india.. and are their any show rooms for companies of such high standards in delhi…? urgent plzzz any 1…?

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