M55 Bike EVO-001 Electric Bike

We are a relatve small company establihed for this project. Our goal was to make the Ferrari of electric bikes. After 3 years of developping and five prototypes we are proud to say that we are reached our targets. We made a full molded aluminium framed, middle motored e-bike equipped with the best parts that a man can get on the market. There will be two versions of the bike. A streer legal one, with 250 W and one for sport purposes with 1,3 kW. None of these have a manual accelelator, you can controll the speed by the pedals. If you pedal faster, the faster you will go. The battery pack will be the same (coming from A123 systems) with 20,7 Ah and 39.6 V. The sport version will be able to reach 70 km/h! The motor will have 5 speeds and in the rear will there is a Rohloff Speedhub with 14 gears! To stop this “monster” we will use Brembo Brakes on it made on the same production plant where F1 and Moto Gp brakes are coming from. The bikes will be made manually and only 250 units will be manufactured! www.m55-bike.com

M55 Bike EVO-001 Electric Bike

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

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  1. Ferrari of electric bikes sounds interesting,but be careful that the final product should be the bike and not Ferrari..So all the features of cycle should not be excluded..

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