6 thoughts on “Moscow custom bicycles (Velo Park 2012)”

  1. Yes, the show certainly good, but the main focus on a healthy lifestyle! Design of the bike is interesting, what is there not. But I still prefer not to stand and ride a conventional models)

  2. How many different bicycles were presented here. Who is working on such a design, generally for the comfort fit, comfort, speed? The desire to buy a bike in this collection may be only true fans.

  3. The discovery was a great success! The presented models are striking for its design and construction. Some models had a special interest and if possible always got a few of them.

  4. The magnificent collection of designer bikes. They look stylish, low-slung and good seats. Frame embellished with stylish graphics. Expensive but beautiful collectible bikes.

  5. Tales certainly exhibition! Imagine such creations in mass production is extremely difficult! At least in the near future. Some resemble a bygone retro, some, on the contrary, do not attack the future. But all models are unusual!

  6. I believe that this type of movement simply unique. The design is nothing extra models are awesome. In practice, at least, no defects are not seen.

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