Peugeot B1K Concept

Peugeot B1K Concept Bike
The team of talented industrial designers Peugeot has just released pictures of its new concept: a racing sport bike B1K. He looks like a bicycle for the race on time, with a minimalist design. Chains have no bike, drive to the rear wheel by means of integration in the gearbox housing. In addition, the wheel does not contain the usual spokes and kept on a system of rollers. The materials from which made this impressive with its design and technical innovations bike is aircraft grade aluminum and carbon.
Peugeot B1K Concept Bike
Peugeot B1K Concept Bike

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

8 thoughts on “Peugeot B1K Concept”

  1. With the rear wheel – idiocy, it’s basically one huge bearing. About reliability, probably have to forget.

  2. In my opinion a very beautiful and creative design. The only big like that from all other attempts automobile giants.
    What about the reliability of the rear wheel is debatable. Just more grease and will spin as a new constant.
    Everything looks good, not so convenient? Usually, all the other way around!

    me more interested in how these machines arranged in a braking system …

  3. pointless, imho. traditional shape with traditional wheels will always be lighter and more reliable

  4. What a beautiful and unusual design of this bike! And if we add to this the presence of his classics such parameters mountain bike as wide rubber, reinforced frame and shorter, fast switching speeds desired, then we simply excellent technique to drive through the mountains and rough terrain! And that’s what I’d like to know is the weight of this model?

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