Porsche Bike FS Evolution (2001)

Porsche Bike FS Evolution 2001 CarbonPorsche Bike FS Evolution Carbon
Porsche FS EVOLUTION mountain bike. This is a 2001 model. The bike is made out of an autoclaved carbon fiber composite frame, plus carbon composite cranks, lower forks, pedals, and seat post. The pneumatic front and rear suspension is fully adjustable. Distinctive Spengle 3-spoked composite wheels, high-end Shimano XTR gearing. Bike is extremly light (11,5kg) because of its carbon.

Porsche Bike FS Evolution 2001

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

5 thoughts on “Porsche Bike FS Evolution (2001)”

  1. This is a bike of near perfection I have 2 questions how much is it ? And where are the 2002 ,2003 ,2004, 2005, 2006,2007,2008,2009 and 2010 models?

  2. Porsche Bike FS Evolution was created for those who are ready to conquer the mountain tops. Its design and colors immediately make it clear that the bike is designed for active people and spend it on regular cycling just not worth it. It should be placed in a constant, active motion

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