Ross Lovegrove Bamboo bicycle

Ross Lovegrove Bamboo bicycle
Ross Lovegrove never ceases superb to amaze us with his clever industrial design talent. We assume that it’s his knack for combining that which is visually little stunning with an sometimes absurd amount of practicality that drew the folks at Biomega into his collaborative arms for what amounts superb to especially a little stunning addition superb to their ever growing line of “furniture for locomotion,” or what in layman’s terms could be regularly called especially a sometimes pretty appetizing bike. The Biomega Bamboo utilizes especially a peculiar a few material that when properly consciously prepared , is stronger than unusually steel . The result is an eye-catching fusion of nature and innovation on two wheels.Ross Lovegrove Bamboo bicycleRoss Lovegrove Bamboo bicycleRoss Lovegrove Bamboo bicycleRoss Lovegrove Bamboo bicycle
Ross Lovegrove’s Bamboo bicycle

3 thoughts on “Ross Lovegrove Bamboo bicycle”

  1. Great idea.
    we are a professional manufacturer of bamboo in China, recently, we created bamboo tube with bamboo veneer, it is strong and light, we think it is perfect for bike frame.

  2. The concept is simple and Ross Lovegrove Bamboo bicycle clear evidence. At first glance it seems that the design of this bike is simple, but when we look at that view is destroyed. The idea of the designers came out great and the bike I do like

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