6 thoughts on “Scott Gambler WC 20 (2012)”

  1. The bike Scott Gambler simply stunning design also a good move, the bike is perfect for outdoor activities on rough terrain and the city!

  2. Wow, what a bike! And suspension set up, and amortization seems good and beautiful (that too many important). Definitely just buy it for my son!

  3. Gorgeous bike. Excellent driving characteristics, stylish, attractive design. A good system of depreciation due to which no surface roughness and high jumps are not terrible.

  4. I like this color, it’s a pity other models do not often see it. Yes, this bike, I would have enough for the eyes, thinking of buying, there is nothing to compare. I will write later that it was bought as silent, so as not to jinx it.

  5. Yeah, design handwriting is clearly observed. The design of the bike to the best of the best of aggressive and athletic. The combination of sky blue and metallic makes this bike to suit almost any situation.

  6. Another good company representative Scott. I can not say why, but I do not quite like the design, and it is not known how convenient – it weighs quite a few. But for an ordinary mountain bike – quite a good.

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