4 thoughts on “Scott Genius 910 (2012)”

  1. Scott Genius I am very pleased. Bike stylish, beautiful colors and looks quite feminine and neat. Biking on this bike will surely be fun

  2. High driving performance that is the main point of this bike. Will travel wherever possible, and thanks to wider tires improves traction on it is easier to hold down the hill.

  3. My friend has a bike for years, different reliability, convenience and other advantages. I bought last summer, about the same mountain, but in China. For two months of twice repaired pedal and the rubber tread is worn completely.

  4. Scott Genius 910 – this is my first mountain bike. As soon as I saw it, I immediately had an irresistible urge to buy this bike. I love outdoor activities, traveling with my new bike biking has become a real pleasure.

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