Several recommendations for safe cycling.

Several recommendations for safe cycling
Biking – the easy and effective way to maintain health in excellent condition. Doubly inexcusable to expose the health and lives at risk, engaging in sports activities designed to contribute to their improvement and conservation. Here are a few simple rules and guidelines to help improve the safety of cyclists and other road users.

  1. Selecting and maintaining a bicycle. Buy a bicycle that meets the requirements of your height and build. In addition to regularly check the tires and brakes at least once a year, needs a professional inspection.
  2. Rules of the road. Observe the rules of the road. This applies not only to drivers of motor vehicles, but also to other road users. For cyclists in the same way! To avoid accidents, be sure to know the rules of the road.
  3. Bicycle helmet. Wearing a bicycle helmet is not required. But you need to know! Bicycle helmet reduces the risk of head injury by 60% for any accident! Keep this in mind, going on bike ride.
  4. Sound signals. It is very important to hear and have time to react to the sounds of vehicles around you. Therefore, never wear headphones on the bike ride.
  5. Serve signals. Do not forget, before, turn, turn, or change the movement – signaled to those around you, vehicles and pedestrians. To do this you need to know the appropriate hand signals to inform motorists and have a bike special tone for pedestrians.
  6. Rearview mirror. During the cycling necessarily glances in the rearview mirror to watch for traffic behind you. In most cases, the rear view mirror is not attached to the bike. You have to buy it separately – for the sake of your safety.
  7. Use headlights. Be sure to use lights when making a bike ride in the dark. Most likely, the lights will not be sold bundled with the bike. You can buy them at any bike shop. Do it – for your safety!
  8. Keep your distance. Always keep a necessary distance between you and the car. Pay special attention to the distance between yourself and parked cars. The sudden opening of car doors – can cause an accident.
  9. Remember health. Bicycle Tour – a great workout. But we should remember that a very long trip on a bike can cause dehydration. Therefore it is desirable to always have a bottle of water.
    In addition, if you ride a bike on a hot day – occasionally stop to rest and drink plenty of fluids. Be sure to apply sunscreen on exposed parts of the body and face.
  10. Do not immediately develop a high speed. This can damage your muscles. At the beginning of preheat them at low speeds.

And most importantly:
Always keep your hands on the brakes at any moment you could stop the bike – if the situation gets out of control! Do not develop too much speed – you do not have time to react to a dangerous situation.

If you follow these simple rules and safety tips for cyclists – you will certainly enjoy a happy journey and a happy life! Take care!

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