Spyker Aeroblade Bike (2006)

Spyker Aeroblade Bike 2006
Spyker Cars, manufacturer of high-quality sports cars and Koga, manufacturer of top end bicycles, are introducing the ‘Aeroblade’, a custom-built titanium bicycle. The Aeroblade is designed with specific Spyker features including the high tech Spyker look, Spyker colours; the design of the spokes and the Spyker logos. The Aeroblade will be produced as a limited edition series of 50 bicycles only.Spyker Aeroblade Bike 2006Spyker Aeroblade Bike 2006Spyker Aeroblade Bike 2006Spyker Aeroblade Bike 2006Spyker Aeroblade Bike 2006Spyker Aeroblade Bike 2006Spyker Aeroblade Bike 2006
Spyker Aeroblade Bike 2006
Victor Muller, CEO Spyker Cars, says: “I am thrilled to introduce the Aeroblade and am excited that our product range now includes a two-wheel, one manpower model. The idea to design an exclusive bike with Koga, one of the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers, immediately appealed to me from the outset. Forming partnerships with other upmarket brands is part of our strategy. The result is a truly exceptional bike of an outstanding design and with an unrivalled quality. As with our cars, the attention to detail is also fully reflected in the Aeroblade. With 50 examples to be built only, we underline the exclusivity of this beautiful product.”

Wouter Jager, CEO Koga-Miyata, says: “Designing a Koga bike with the Spyker look and feel was an inspiring challenge. Spyker’s spirit and philosophy of beauty, design and quality needed to be reflected in the Aeroblade. The bike also needed to reflect Spyker’s high tech approach. The similarities that both companies have in their design principles made it logical to design a bike that fits to both brands. We have used unique components from the finest innovative materials to ensure optimum properties for top functionality. The bike was designed in-house at Koga in close cooperation with Spyker.”

The sporty yet comfortable Spyker Aeroblade bike is hand-built using unique and innovative materials. Features are: a titanium frame, an aluminum front fork, wheel set and mudguards from aluminum covered carbon composite, Hulshof luxury leather handle bar grips and saddle and a special version of the Rohloff 14 speed hub gear transmission. Optional elements are, for instance, a choice of wheels (special Aeroblade wheels or standard), pedals and leather colours. The bike weighs a mere 12,8 kg. The construction and geometry of the frame and the effectiveness of the drive train leave the performance of the bike unrestricted.

Each Spyker Aeroblade bike is specifically built for its new owner and individually numbered. The number will be engraved on a special plate attached to the frame. The design of the bike is clearly recognizable as a Spyker. The Spyker logo is imprinted on the chain cover, the saddle and the saddle bag. The design of the mud guards has been based on the form of airplane wheel fairings as well as the swirled aluminum dashboard of the current Spyker. The colours of Spyker’s endurance race car, the Spyker C8 Spyder GT2R, are reflected in the bike’s colour combination. The frame is titanium silver, the tyres are orange. The spokes of the Koga Aeroblade wheels are reminiscent of Spyker’s own Aeroblade wheels.

The suggested retail price for the bicycle, including the optional Aeroblade wheels, is 10.500 euro ex. VAT ( 12,540 USD). The Spyker Aeroblade bicycle can be ordered through the Koga specialist distribution channel, the worldwide Spyker dealer network or directly from Koga and Spyker Cars in The Netherlands. Deliveries of the bike are expected to commence by May 2006. Order intake for this exclusive limited production will start as of January 2006. Spyker and Koga are both exclusive Dutch brands of high quality hand built exclusive products for those demanding clients who want only the best. Koga and Spyker share a mutual passion for the five key words and brand values: heritage, design, craftsmanship, performance and exclusivity. These are reflected in both company’s exclusive products. Koga Miyata produces top-end bicycles both for the passionate amateur cyclist as well as for the professional racing cyclist. Its professional customers include many international World and Olympic champions.

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  1. The Spyker Aeroblade bike has a titanium frame and aluminum glass fiber coated carbon composite wheels and fenders which looks awesome..I think it pure style and 70% function..

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