Creme Cycles – Classic bikes for a beautiful life

Creme Cycles - Classic Bikes
Bikes have always been our hobby, our passion and our job. Our whole life has been revolving around two wheels. We were pioneers of downhill racing in our country. We distributed cult parts in the early days of MTB and we were one of the first to offer stylish single-speed bikes in times when 21 gears were a standard. After work we would ride our city bikes to the local cafes and restaurants or take our mountain bikes for long rides in the mountains. Continue reading “Creme Cycles – Classic bikes for a beautiful life”

Azor European City Bike

European City Bike
European City Bike (also know as a Dutch Bike or English Roadster)
With counties like the Netherlands and Denmark having 1/3rd of their population using bikes daily, the Europeans have developed a bike design that is perfect for everyday transportation. These are also quite stylish bikes. These bikes have fenders and chain guards so you can wear pants or a skirt without worrying about getting your cloths dirty. Continue reading “Azor European City Bike”