Mini Folding Bike (2011)

Mini Folding Bike (2011)
Munich. MINI presents the eco-friendly solution to the parking space problem in city centres. The brand is celebrating the comeback of the folding bike with a modern version of the practical means of locomotion. The special gimmick: when folded, the MINI Folding Bike fits into the boot of almost every vehicle – and most definitely into the MINI. When travelling into the city, simply park the car outside the overcrowded city centre, then continue on the bike and relax. Park & Ride with an environmentally conscious understatement! Continue reading “Mini Folding Bike (2011)”

Audi Duo Hardwood Bicycles – City, Sport, Road (2011)

  • Audi teams up with Renovo Hardwood Bicycles to create the exclusive duo bicycle
  • The duo features a monocoque hardwood frame and mirrors elements of Audi cars
  • Available in three models to suit any cyclist – City, Sport and Road

Audi Duo City in Expresso Brown
Audi Duo City in Expresso Brown (2011)
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Mansory mountain bike – Special edition

Mansory mountain bike - Special edition Bicycle
Exclusive solutions from tuning studio MansorY – it’s lifestyle, which forces change their attitude to events occurring around them. Luxury, affordable units, multiplied by the standard of quality, which can achieve only the experience and relentless desire to create masterpieces. Continue reading “Mansory mountain bike – Special edition”

BMW M Bike (2010)

BMW M BikeBeautiful bike from the German automobile giant BMW. Many are familiar with high capacity and high speed models of the company, which differ from other models Redesignate letter M. That this style and created a wonderful mountain bike. New mountain bike BMW has, brand proportions of smooth, durable aluminum frame, which is worthy of bears, an emblem of BMW. The package bundle includes disc brakes, sports suspension and fine shifting system – Shimano SLX Gear. Bike weighs about 12 kg. In the sales will go to the middle of the summer of 2010. Continue reading “BMW M Bike (2010)”