Range Rover Evoque Concept Road Bike (2011)

Range Rover Evoque Concept Road Bike (2011)
Light, nimble and boasting a design that is clean, cool and utterly contemporary, the newest member of the Range Rover Evoque family breaks cover at the Geneva Motor Show. Created by the Land Rover design team, headed up by director, Gerry McGovern, the Evoque bike is a machine designed in every aspect to deliver fast, agile and secure road-racing performance. Continue reading “Range Rover Evoque Concept Road Bike (2011)”

Creme Cycles – Classic bikes for a beautiful life

Creme Cycles - Classic Bikes
Bikes have always been our hobby, our passion and our job. Our whole life has been revolving around two wheels. We were pioneers of downhill racing in our country. We distributed cult parts in the early days of MTB and we were one of the first to offer stylish single-speed bikes in times when 21 gears were a standard. After work we would ride our city bikes to the local cafes and restaurants or take our mountain bikes for long rides in the mountains. Continue reading “Creme Cycles – Classic bikes for a beautiful life”

Mansory mountain bike – Special edition

Mansory mountain bike - Special edition Bicycle
Exclusive solutions from tuning studio MansorY – it’s lifestyle, which forces change their attitude to events occurring around them. Luxury, affordable units, multiplied by the standard of quality, which can achieve only the experience and relentless desire to create masterpieces. Continue reading “Mansory mountain bike – Special edition”

M55 Bike EVO-001 Electric Bike

We are a relatve small company establihed for this project. Our goal was to make the Ferrari of electric bikes. After 3 years of developping and five prototypes we are proud to say that we are reached our targets. We made a full molded aluminium framed, middle motored e-bike equipped with the best parts that a man can get on the market. There will be two versions of the bike. Continue reading “M55 Bike EVO-001 Electric Bike”