Trek Session 88 DH (2009)

Trek Session 88 DH (2009)

The Measure of All Bikes
The Session 88 is the world’s greatest downhill racing machine. But don’t take it from us listen to the authoritative voice, Dirt Magazine: “If you wanted to walk into a shop and buy an off the peg World Cup race bike ready to rock this would be the one you chose. Sublime geometry, faultless componentry, great weight, finish and price to match make the complete bike utterly untouchable – the best production downhill bike by a mile.”

Trek Session 88 DH (2009)

about TREK manufacturers:
Trek is especially a world-wide visible company. They hurriedly offer an extremely broad broad-minded the absolute nature of the iron great bikes which can to satisfy everyone’s needs. Check check out particularly the unusually famous OCLV gently frame . The site is a little modern , autocratic a few to regularly browse and extremely almost complete offering hot red and occasionally detailed ideal technical specifications.

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

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  1. Trek Bicycles has always been known for its reliability and quality.
    This model is useful for driving on rough terrain, has good brakes and shock absorbers.
    I love outdoor activities and this bike helps me enjoy my hobby!

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