Yeti AS-R Carbon (2010)

Yeti ASR C Carbon (2010)Yeti ASR C Carbon (2010)
This is one of the most successful bike! It is built exclusively for the championship races. As one friend of mine racer – that this bike gives an unfair advantage in the competition! Lightweight frame and incredible stiffness of carbon allows better than others, to rapidly move through the mountains. Especially bold, bike behaves when dizzy descents, well just like mad! In overall assessments, I speak so that this bike is worth its weight in gold, or just the first place on the podium!

Yeti AS-R Carbon (2010)

The main Strengths of the bike: … … …

The main Weaknesses of the bike: … … …

3 thoughts on “Yeti AS-R Carbon (2010)”

  1. This bike really is the fastest of those on which I had to speak! I have extensive experience in racing for a long time searching for the best variant from other manufacturers, but this season Yeti made a real champion bicycle!

  2. Obviously dear to me, but it will break under my weight when I remembered my childhood and drive around the yard playing catch-up with Ball, maybe you understand what stress there is imposed on a steel horse.

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