7 thoughts on “Yeti SB66 Carbon (2013)”

  1. Chic bike from Yeti. Unlike aluminum versions are carboxylic frame, thus reducing the weight of 400 grams. Some argue that the bike lost along with their weight and elegance, but, in my opinion, carbon gives some brutality design that will appeal to many men.

  2. By the way, just recently had to consult with specialists about this bike. And they said to me that he is not only worth the money, but much better than the competition. Comfortable fit, intelligent design, in general – a great bike. There is another idea, but most of all – I will take this one.

  3. A great bike for the pros. Good ingredients, beautiful appearance. Yeti firm for a long time led to the market and has gained a good reputation. The quality and style of their main assets, and where the quality is there and longevity! What more do you need for a bicycle?

  4. Yeti took myself recently. Has managed its entire run-in. On it, and biking, and cross country trip a pleasure. Sitting in his comfortable, and easy to switch between speed

  5. Prefer outdoor activities including bike ride and am in constant search of the bike, the whole issue comes down to a choice of advantages – planting, construction, design and convenience. In my opinion, it is “Yeti SB66 Carbon” combines all these qualities. Once again, it should be noted the impressive appearance.

  6. Dear Sir,
    Greeting from Olympic sports.

    I am Najmal Jaleel working at Qatar in wholesales department.Would you please send us your latest bicycles catalog,so we can order the items as soon as possible.
    Your quick response will be highly appreciable.

    Najmal Jaleel
    Olympic Sports

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